Campaign Releases by Candidate

Minnesota E-Democracy's goal is to obtain documents from all Governor and U.S. Senate candidates in Minnesota. This includes information from "minor party" candidates on the ballot in those races. If you would like to help a candidate get their text in electronic form for submission, please contact us at:

We want information from candidates in other races as well! Be they candidates for Congress, the State Legislature, City Council, or School Board, if they e-mail in text, we will put it up. Help your candidate submit materials before their opponent does! Submissions should be sent to:

Minnesota Poltical Parties in Governor or U.S. Senate Races

DFL = Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party  IR = Independent-Republican Party 
GRP = Grassroots Party               IP = Independence Party 
LIB = Libertarian Party              NLP = Natural Law Party
NRA = Nutritional Rights Alliance    SWP = Socialist Workers Party

Campaign documents and information as of October 2, 1994 by candidates for:

U.S. Senate
Other Candidates for Elective Office in Minnesota
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