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MN-POLITICS is the key interactive part of the E-Democracy 1994 effort and will live on beyond the election. We encourage you to subscribe to the list as described below. The e-list also has a one-way gateway to the mn.politics USENET news group. The Twin Cities Free-Net is keeping an archive of all mail messages sent to the MN-POLITICS mailing list. This archive, maintained by Hypermail 1.02 (C version), allows users to browse messages by discussion thread, date, or by author. Comments about the archive may be sent to:

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Here is the list description, with instruction on how to subscribe::

                       MINNESOTA E-DEMOCRACY 1994
      Minnesota Politics and Public Policy Electronic-Mail Forum
        Facilities provided by the Minnesota Regional Network


MN-POLITICS is an unmoderated Internet electronic-mail list for the sharing of information on and discussion of Minnesota politics and public policy. Members of this forum are encouraged to contribute campaign and election information, announcements from Minnesota-focused political and civic organizations, public policy and legislative information, and presentations on issues of public interest.

The list encourages discussion from diverse political perspectives that is respectful in nature. This forum is more about the presentation of ideas and information than being right with one's ideology. As the membership broadens, the forum will seek to contain informational postings that represent the diverse political scene in Minnesota.

E-mail users with Internet access can SUBSCRIBE by sending the following command to:

In the text portion write:
subscribe mn-politics

WARNING: Do NOT write anything after "mn-politics." Majordomo does not accept the inclusion of any text after the list name.

List Managers:  Mick Souder (MASOUDER@ALEX.STKATE.EDU)
                Dennis Fazio (dfazio@MR.Net)