Getting Information on the E-Democracy Internet Server

Running for office? Working for a campaign? Involved with a political or civic organization? Pick up an interesting piece of campaign literature?

All the materials on this server have been placed there by volunteers. We need your help to make the information content even more interesting and comprehensive. If you work with or are a volunteer for a campaign obtain the text of your candidates position papers, brochures, press releases, and other items and e-mail them to us. We will then place them on the server in the appropriate place. While we are focusing on the Governor and U.S. Senate races we want information from candidates in other races. From candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives to the local school board, if they send it in, we will put it on. Help your candidate submit materials before their opponent does!

We also have an exciting section to display documents submitted by civic, political, and media organizations. We want voter guides, be they "objective" or an absolutely biased endorsement of a candidate. We want articles, profiles, debate or interview transcripts, and anything else that might be of interest. Did you receive an interesting political letter or campaign piece in the mail? Type or scan it in and we will post with credits to your hard work.

To submit documents to the Minnesota E-Democracy send the text to:

To gain immediate exposure to your submission (like press release, candidate schedules, and other time sensitive materials) you can broadcast them to the hundreds of Minnesotans on the Minnesota Politics and Public Policy E-mail Forum. Send the text with an informative subject line to:

Volunteer Information

We have two on-line working groups for this election information initiative. The two groups are "Access and Development" and "Technical" The biggest contribution that you can make between now and the general election in November is to become an "information producer" as described above. If you would like to get involved in one of the two working groups let us know what ideas or interests you have. Contact us at: