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Project Updates

Read our detailed project notes page to monitor project progress.

We will also start to use our new UK Issues Forums wiki page for future collaboration and communication
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The UK pilot forums are supported by the
UK E-Democracy National Project. Each citizen-based forum is organized and led by local steering committee and volunteer Forum Manager(s). The forums themselves are officially a part of E-Democracy.Org, a not-for-profit community organization based in Minnesota. UK local authorities, local citizens, and/or community associations interested in forming official E-Democracy.Org-based Issues Forums (or Council "owned" forums) may do so for at least one year after the initial pilot phase closes on March 15, 2005. Additional phase 2 efforts are being planned and will run through March 31, 2006. Based on the pilot experience we welcome any interest in expanding Issues Forums across the UK and beyond.  Contact us with your ideas.

UK Pilots Funded by the UK Local E-democracy National Project